Shrewsbury ... shall be a name 'as stirring to the heart as the glories we have lost'

Blessed John Henry Newman, 1852


Previous Incumbents

Rt Rev. James Brown, first Bishop. Born in Wolverhampton 11th January 1812; elected bishop June 1851; consecrated in St George’s Cathedral, Southwark, by Cardinal Nicholas Wiseman on 27th July 1851. Died 14th October 1881.


Rt Rev. Edmund Knight, second Bishop. Born in Sheffield 27th August 1827; elected as Auxiliary Bishop and consecrated in Our Lady’s, Birkenhead, on 25th July 1879 by Cardinal Henry Edward Manning. Translated to Shrewsbury on 25th April 1882. Resigned 11th May 1895; translated to Flavias 28th May 1895. Died 9th June 1905.


Rt Rev. John Carroll, third Bishop. Born near Castleblaney, Co. Monaghan, 16th March 1838; consecrated in Our Lady’s, Birkenhead, on 28th October 1893 as Bishop-Coadjutor; succeeded 1st May 1895. Died in Birkenhead on 14th January 1897.


Rt Rev. Samuel Webster Allen, fourth Bishop. Born in Stockport 23rd March 1844; consecrated in Shrewsbury Cathedral by Cardinal Herbert Vaughan on 16th June 1897. Died 13th May 1908.


The Rt Rev. Hugh Singleton, fifth Bishop. Born in Birkenhead on 30th July 1851; consecrated at St Joseph’s, Seacombe, on 21st September 1908 by Cardinal Bourne. He died in Birkenhead on 17th December 1934.


Rt Rev. Ambrose James Moriarty, sixth Bishop. Born in Stockport on 7th August 1870; consecrated Bishop-Coadjutor 28th January 1932; succeeded on 17th December 1934. Died 3rd June 1949.


Rt Rev. John Aloysius Murphy, seventh Bishop. Born in Birkenhead on 21st December 1905; consecrated Bishop-Coadjutor on 25th February 1948 in St Werburgh’s, Chester, by Archbishop Godfrey; succeeded on 3rd June 1949. Translated to Cardiff on 26th August 1961; retired 25th March 1983. Died 18th November 1995.


Rt Rev. William Eric Grasar, eighth Bishop. Born in Scunthorpe on 18th May 1913; consecrated by Archbishop Grimshaw on 27th June 1962; retired 30th August 1980; died 28th December 1982.


Rt Rev. Joseph Gray, ninth Bishop. Born in Finternagh, Co. Cavan, 20th October 1919; ordained Bishop of Mercia and Auxiliary Bishop of Liverpool by Archbishop Beck, 16th February 1969; transferred to Shrewsbury 30th September 1980; retired 30th August 1995. Died 7th May 1999.


Rt Rev. Brian Michael Noble, 10th Bishop. Born in Lancaster, 11th April 1936, ordained priest 11th June 1960; ordained Bishop in St Anthony’s, Wythenshawe, 30th August 1995 by Archbishop Maurice Couve de Murville. Retired 1st October 2010. Died 21st October 2019.