Adoremus Registration


To aid you to request places for delegates from your parish please use the online registration form below (you do not have to submit the paper form if you use the online form).

Please submit by Friday 13 October, 2017.


Email Contacts
There does need to be an email contact for your parish contact, but this does not need to be one of the delegates, just a person to receive information sent.

Delegate Places
If you wish to have additional places, please state the number of extra tickets needed
eg if you have been allocated 10 places and require an additional 5 (totaling 15 delegates) then please put 5 in the box.

If you wish to have fewer places, please state the number of tickets you wish to return
eg  if you have been allocated 10 places and can only use 3 places, then please put 7 in the box.

Please specify if you are a parish, congregation etc*
Parish/Congregration Name (eg St Alban's)*
Location/Place (eg Macclesfield)*
Contact Person Name:*
Contact Number:*
Additional contact number (optional):
E-mail (does not have to be the contact person):*
Delegate allocations for Saturday - please select one option:*
Number of additional places required for Saturday
Fewer places needed for Saturday - state number of places you can not use
Number of delegate places required for the Friday Symposium*
Number of places requested for the Sunday Masses*


Diocesan contacts for Adoremus
Fr Pat Munroe, Diocesan Coordinator
E: T: 0161 973 1694

Helen Jones, Diocesan Mission Secretary
E:  T: 0151 652 9855