God 'determined to call together in the holy Church those who believe in Christ'

Lumen Gentium

The New Evangelisation

Recommended reading

Some Recommended Reading Material

December, 2012




Benedict XVI A School of Prayer

The Saints teach us to pray

Ignatius Press, 2013 : ISBN 978-1-5861-7694-5


Murray, Paul OP In the Grip of the Darkness

The dark and bright journey of Christian Contemplation

Bloomsbury, 2012 : ISBN 978-1-4411-4550-5


Murray, Paul OP Praying with Confidence

Aquinas on the Lord’s Prayer

Continuum IPG, 2010 : ISBN 978-1441-14713-4


Spitzer, Robert SJ Five Pillars of the Spiritual Life

A practical guide to prayer for active people

Ignatius Press, 2008 : ISBN 978-1-58617-201-5




Benedict XVI Jesus of Nazareth I

From the Baptism in the Jordan to the Transfiguration

Bloomsbury, 2007 : ISBN 978-0-747-59278-5


Benedict XVI Jesus of Nazareth II

Holy Week: From the Entrance into Jerusalem to the Resurrection

Ignatius Press, 2011 : ISBN 978-1-58617-500-9


Benedict XVI Jesus of Nazareth III

The Infancy Narratives

Ignatius Press, 2012 : ISBN 978-0-38534-640-5


Charpentier, Etienne How to Read the Old Testament

SCM Press, 1982 : ISBN 978-0334020578


Charpentier, Etienne How to Read the New Testament

SCM Press, 1982 : ISBN 978-0334020561


Redford, John Who was John?

The Fourth Gospel Debate after Benedict XVI’s Jesus of Nazareth I

Commendation by Avery Cardinal Dulles, SJ

St Paul’s Publishing 2008 : ISBN 978-0-85439-746-4




Gallagher, Michael Paul Faith Maps

Ten religious explorers from Newman to Joseph Ratzinger

Dartman, Longman and Todd, 2010 : ISBN 978-0-232-52797-1


Forte, Bruno The Portal of Beauty

Towards a Theology of Aesthetics

Eerdmans, 2008 : ISBN 978-0-8028-3280-1


Matthew, Fr Iain The Impact of God

An in-depth reading of St John of the Cross

Holder and Staughton, 1995 : ISBN 978-0-3406-1257-6; eISBN 978-1-444-71765-5


Walsh, Milton Witness of the Saints

Readings from the Fathers of the Church in the Liturgy of the Hours

Ignatius Press, ISBN 978-1-5861-7662-4




Egan, Philip A. Philosophy and Catholic Theology

A survey of recent philosophy and how its different patterns of thought

have influenced Catholic theologians

Liturgical Press, 2009 : ISBN 978-0-8146-5661-7


Martin, Ralph Will Many be Saved?

What Vatican II actually teaches and its implications for New Evangelisation

Eerdmans, 2012 : ISBN 978-0-8028-6887-9


Nichols, Aidan OP Catholic Thought since the Enlightenment

A Survey

Gracewing, 1998 : 0-85244-474-5


Scola, Angelo Cardinal The Nuptial Mystery

Ressourcement : Retrieval and renewal in Catholic Thought

A deep reflection upon the mystery and beauty of marital love.

Eerdmans, 2005 : ISBN 0-8028-2831-0


The Second Vatican Council


Vatican II Documents Pack

All four Constitutions of the Second Vatican Council at a special price

CTS, 2012 : Product Code VC01


Hahnenberg, Edward P. A Concise Guide to the Documents of Vatican II

Franciscan Media, 2007 : ISBN 978-0-6740-4749-5

E-BOOK ISBN 978-1-61636-220-1


Huff, Peter A. Vatican II: Its Impact on you

Liguori Missouri, 2011 : ISBN 978-0-7648-1915-5


Huff, Peter A. The Voice of Vatican II: Words for our Church Today

Liguori Missouri, 2012 : ISBN 978-0-7648-1984-1


Ratzinger, Joseph/ Benedict XVI Theological Highlights of Vatican II

Paulist Press, 1996 : ISBN 978-0-8091-4610-9


Papal texts on Evangelisation

Paul VI Evangelii nuntiandi

Apostolic Exhortation Proclaiming the Gospel

CTS Product Code: S312


John Paul II Redemptoris Missio

Encyclical on the mission of the Church to the world

CTS Product Code: DO601


John Paul II Christifideles Laici

Apostolic Exhortation Vocation and Mission of the Lay Faithful

CTS Product Code: DO589



Catechism of the Catholic Church


Full text (English and Latin), plus Glossary and Analytical Material

Liberia Editrice Vaticana : ISBN 0-9707756-1-x

Harmony Media Inc., www.harmonymediainc.com


The Early Church Fathers


“Models of Catechesis” (CCC 8); “Always a timely witness” (CCC 688)

All the Ancient Writings of a 38 volume Series, with advanced search capacities

Harmony Media Inc : ISBN 1-890906-09-3



Barron, Robert Catholicism : A Journey to the Heart of the Faith

Image Books, 2011 : ISBN 978-0-307-72051-1; eISBN 978-0-307-72053-5


Ratzinger, Joseph/ Benedict XVI Credo for Today

What Christians believe

Ignatius Press 2009 : eISBN 978-1-5861-7247-3


Walsh, Milton Into all Truth

What Catholics believe, and why. How all doctrine refers back to the Blessed Trinity

Ignatius Press : ISBN 978-1-5861-7486-6


Willey, Petroc et al., The Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Craft of Catechesis

Introductory essay by Cardinal Schönborn, General Editor of the CCC

Ignatius Press, 2008 : ISBN 978-1-58617-221-3



Dulles, Avery (Cardinal) A History of Apologetics

An overview of Apologetics from the earliest times to the present day.

Ignatius Press, 2005 : ISBN 978-0-89870-933-9


Hahn, Scott Rome Sweet Home

Moving account of the conversion of a former Presbyterian Minister and his wife to Catholicism

Ignatius Press, ISBN 978-0-8987-0478-5


Christianity and Culture


Dawson, Christopher Christianity and the European Culture

Selections from his work; Edited by Gerald Russello

CUA Press, 1998 : ISBN 0-8132-0914-5


Nichols, Aidan OP Christendom Awake

On re-energizing the Church in Culture

T&T Clark Ltd, 1999 : 0-567-98673-9


Ratzinger, Joseph Christianity and the Crisis of Cultures

Ignatius Press, 2006 : ISBN 978-1-58617-142-1


Thurston, Tim Gloria

Book and CD

An Introduction to 1000 Years of European Sacred Music

Associated Editions, 2011 : ISBN 978-1-906429-18-8




Kerr, Iain The Catholic Revival in English Literature, 1845-1961:

Newman, Hopkins, Belloc, Chesterton, Greene, Waugh

University of Notre Dame Press, 2003 : ISBN 978-0268038793


Pearce, Joseph Literary Converts: Spiritual Inspiration in an Age of Unbelief

Ignatius Press, 2006 : ISBN tel:978-1586171599


List published by Shrewsbury Diocese Department for New Evangelisation

Coordinator for New Evangelisation: Barbara Davies

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Mobile: 07730 526821


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Bishop Mark Davies’s personal recommendations for this Year of Faith are the following:


Benedict XVI Jesus of Nazareth III

The Infancy Narratives

Ignatius Press, 2012 : ISBN 978-0-38534-640-5


Egan, Philip A. Philosophy and Catholic Theology

A survey of recent philosophy and how its different patterns of thought

have influenced Catholic theologians

Liturgical Press, 2009 : ISBN 978-0-8146-5661-7