God 'determined to call together in the holy Church those who believe in Christ'

Lumen Gentium

The New Evangelisation

Year for Mission

On Being Missionary Parishes

A Series of Parish Reflections and Discussions

In response to Bishop Mark’s invitation to designate 2017 as the Diocesan Year for Mission, the Department for New Evangelisation is offering material for use in small parish-based group discussions. In four parts, the purpose of this material is to enable people to reflect on how to become a more missionary or evangelising parish in the spirit of the Gospel mandate: Go therefore and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19).

An introductory leaflet gives an overview of the whole programme, together with a possible format for a 90 minute meeting. The other four leaflets are designed to be the basis of four discussions, but can of course be adapted to parish circumstances.

Copies of all five leaflets have been sent out to the parishes; additional hard copies may be obtained from Helen Jones at the Curial Offices: emailhelen.jones@dioceseofshrewsbury.org or 0151 652 9855.

Barbara Davies would be happy to answer any questions concerning this material, and would be available to join discussion groups to share in their reflections. She can be reached at 07730 526 821 or by email barbara.davies@dioceseofshrewsbury.org  .

Introduction – On Being Missionary Parishes

Introduction – Full Leaflet

Introduction – Text only

I – What is the Heart of a Parish?

Heart of the Parish – Full Leaflet

Heart of a Parish- Text only

II – What is a Parish?

What is a Parish – Full leaflet

What is a Parish – Text only

III – What is the Life of a Parish?

Life of the Parish – Full leaflet

Life of a Parish – Text only

IV – How is our Parish Missionary?

Parish Missionary – Full leaflet

Parish missionary – Text only



Being on Mission together

A reflection in four parts

Transcripts of the talks held at Our Lady, Ellesmere Port and St Winefride’s School, Shrewsbury in January and February 2017

Part 1.  Our Father, who art in Heaven

Fr Edmund Montgomery led us in reflecting upon how Jesus of Nazareth reveals the Father in a totally unique way.

Year for Mission Reflection Part 1

Part 2.  Thy Kingdom Come! 

Fr Jonathan Brandon led us in reflecting upon the link between the Church and the coming of the Father’s Kingdom.

Part 3.  Thy will be done!

Miss Barbara Davies led us in reflecting upon the mission of the laity, whose task it is to allow Christ, through them. to reconcile the world to his Father as he wills.

Year for Mission Reflection Part 3

Part 4.  On earth, as it is in Heaven!

Fr Edmund, Fr Jonathan and Barbara led us in a shared reflection upon what it means to live under the action of the Holy Spirit as we, priests and people together, go forth on mission.

Year for Mission Reflection Part 4 – Barbara Davies

The Chalice of Creation and Redemption