Tutor: Fr Michael Coughlan

Sessions 15 September and 6 October 2018: 9:30 registration and refreshments, start at 10:00am – 3:30pm.
Please bring lunch!

Please bring a bible with you to each session.

Aim: The purpose of this module is to enable participants to reflect on the nature of the Church and its mission in the world today.


Morris Pelzel. Ecclesiology: The Church as Communion & Mission. 2002: Chicago. Loyola Press.
It is part of the ‘Catholic Basics: A Pastoral Ministry Series’, which is recommended.

(Rausch Thomas P (2005) Towards a Truly Catholic Church: An Ecclesiology for the Third Millennium Glazier)


Please take time to fill out the evaluation as it does help with preparation. The link is here.

The PowerPoint presentations have been saved as:

1 slide per page
2 slides per page
3 slides per page with space for notes  

Saturday 15 September, 2018

Session 1

Church Session 1 – Notes

Church Session 1 – 2 SlidesChurch Session 1 – 3 Slides


6 October 2018

Session 2

Church Session 2 – Notes

Church Session 2 – 2 Slides ⊕ Church Session 2 – 3 Slides


Church Assessment 2018

This will be in the form of a power point presentation (see link above) followed by Q& A. Please sign up for a slot for the spoken test on Saturday 6 October.
The assessment will last 10 minutes.


For the first 3-5 minutes the student will present on the assessment – please send in Power Point slides to Helen Jones by Friday 2 November and save as SurnameFirstnameCH2018 (eg JonesHelenCH2018.ppt)

Once finished, (or once the moderator indicates 5 minutes), the student will be asked questions from any part of the rest of the course. The advantage of this style of test is that it is then finished. There is no essay to write or footnotes to compile. The assessment will also help you as a teacher or catechist to be able to speak about the Church.

Advice for Preparation

We are looking to see if you have understood the module and reflected enough to be able to speak about it. Therefore understand and reflect on the whole course broadly so that you are able to say something about each session.

Please do not worry about the test; we are not looking to catch you out! The moderator will look to find areas that you can speak about. If you are unable to answer the question then the moderator will move on to a different area.

Presentation Locations, Dates and Times

Monday 12 November
Sacred Heart and St Peter (Guild Room), Floatshall Road, Baguley, Wythenshawe, M23 1HP

Times from 16:00 – 18:30

Wednesday 14  November
Our Lady’s, (Parish Hall), 2a Enfield Road, Ellesmere Port, CH65 8BY

Times from 19:00 – 20:45

Saturday 24 November – after CCRS session on Sacraments 
Times from 16:00-19:00


Essay Information

For question see presentation information above

Deadline for submission on application

Please submit your essay to the together with a coversheet as one document.  You may find the sample marksheet helpful.  Please do follow the guidelines carefully.

 CCRS Requirements for Essays

⊕ CCRS Assignment Information

Cover Sheet for Assignments Form in Word

 Cover Sheet for Assignments in pdf

CCRS Essay Layout

⊕ CCRS Mark Sheet – sample