Leadership in a Catholic School

We Support Our Head Teachers

Teachers in Catholic schools have the privilege of leading pupils in the faith, nurturing them to a fuller knowledge and love of God working in the Church.  This is of course no easy task, but there are many resources that can be of help.

In his famous work, The Reflective Teacher, Kevin Treston says that, “Good leadership is truthful and trustworthy. Leaders can act more confidently if they have a strong sense of their own inner truths and are resolute in upholding positions that may be unpopular but congruent with the leader’s values. People quickly learn to distrust leadership that says one thing and does something very different or leadership that plays a political game which compromises justice and truth. In a post-modern world of relativism, schools more than ever need leaders who are faithful to esteemed values and can articulate these values”.

In the light of this, the Diocesan Education Service provides for the teachers in the Diocese :

•Access to the successful and highly regarded training programme for Catholic School Leadership

•Support for newly-appointed deputies and headteachers

•Links to leadership training provided by the Catholic Training Partnership (NW), NCSL, and the Catholic Education Service.

Please get in touch with the Diocesan Education Service at the Curial Offices if you would like to know more.