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St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Sale

The children and parents at St Joseph’s Primary School showed overwhelming generosity in support of CARITAS Shrewsbury  and Trafford Social Services by donating over 500 toys for children in the  community, who are in need of a loving gift this Christmas. #giftsoflove

The Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School, Runcorn

Cheshire’s youngest police officers have been given the opportunity to quiz the county’s decision makers on how they can make their community safer.

Year 6 children from Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School in Runcorn – who make up Cheshire Constabulary’s Mini Police team – have taken part in a Q&A session with the police and crime commissioner, Runcorn’s chief inspector, local councillors and a local housing provider.

They asked PCC David Keane, chief inspector Sarah Heath, Cllr John Stockton, Cllr Stef Nelson and representatives from Riverside Housing how they can put measures in place to tackle issues that affect their community including littering, road safety and knife crime.

The Mini Police officers also had the opportunity to present the work they’ve carried out so far to other pupils at the school.

The children have been working on three key priorities for their community; protecting the local environment, helping vulnerable people in the community and road safety.

The Mini Police officers were sworn into their roles in June and were given a police uniform based loosely on a regular officers’ uniform to help them feel part of the police family.

Over the last six months they have taken part in litter picks, delivered food to the local food bank to support hundreds of families in the area and taken part in a speed check exercise.

PCSO Paul Barker brought the successful mini police scheme to Cheshire thanks to funding from PCC David Keane.

David said: “The Mini Police have been doing an amazing job over the last few months working hard to make their community a safer and happier place to live. They have really shown a commitment to working with their community to make a real difference.

“Mini Police is a fantastic scheme which educates young people about responsibility and the importance of contributing positively to their community. I hope that in the future, we can roll-out this scheme to other schools across Cheshire.”

PCSO Paul Barker added: “I’m incredibly proud of our Mini Police officers. Across the last six months they have made a real difference in their community by getting hands on and problem solving local issues that are important to them.

“They are a real asset to Runcorn local policing unit and a brilliant addition to the policing family.”

John McDonald, head teacher of Holy Spirit Primary School, said: “The children are enjoying the deepening relationship with community and seeing themselves make a difference. They have gained a greater insight into local problems and now see themselves as solution finders. I have seen them visibly grow before my eyes.

“This fits our Catholic ethos of service for others and they have become more aware of social justice issues. This project can only lead to them being effective and good citizens filled with a desire to help those most in need.”

St Anselm’s Catholic College, Birkenhead


The Edmund Rice International (ERI) ambassadors had the opportunity to travel to Geneva in order to understand more about the work of the ERI; in terms of advocacy and their work with the United Nations.

Once arriving in Geneva we visited the ERI offices and met with Brian Bond (Christian Brother) and the Director of Edmund Rice International.  He talked us through the specifics of the jobs undertaken and the role of ERI. Following this we picked up our passes for the UN and had a tour of the grounds, we then explored Geneva.  It was a great experience spending time with the ambassadors of other Christian Brother schools.

The next day we sat in on the Universal Periodic Review of Liechtenstein, which is a process all UN Member States go through in order to review their record of human rights. It was a fantastic experience to see at first-hand how the UN functions and the impact a group like the ERI can have on a geo-political scale.

During our time in the UN we observed a conference focused on the Israeli and United Arab Emirates violations of human rights.   Following this we toured the nearby Red Cross museum which was both an informative and enjoyable experience.

We would like to thank everyone involved with Edmund Rice International and to those who organised this amazing experience

St Vincent’s Catholic Primary School, Altrincham


A PRIMARY school in Altrincham has raised over £1000 to help scientists get back on their feet after the fire at the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute next door to The Christie Hospital.

Youngsters from St Vincent’s Catholic Primary School, in Altrincham, know all about the important cancer research taking place at the centre in south Manchester as they have heard talks by Dr James O’Connor whose children attend the school.

After hearing about the fire – which broke out on April 26 and saw more than 100 firefighters tackle the blaze – the children decided to put on a cake sale to help fund a special appeal page put up by Cancer Research UK.

Headteacher Anita Harrop said: “St. Vincent’s Catholic Primary School in Altrincham is committed to helping those in need.”

“When the children heard about the fire at the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute they were determined to do something to help. A cake sale was organised and the children helped to sell the cakes throughout the day. Everyone was so generous with their cakes and everyone gave generously to this very worthy cause. The children were also inspired to help because they had heard about the excellent work that goes on in cancer research in Manchester. The children have heard talks by Dr O’Connor and so they are aware of the important cancer research work goes on. We hope that our donation to the appeal will help to rebuild this vital resource.”

Dr O’Connor, who attended the bake sale, is from Hale and who grew up in Altrincham. He works in lung cancer research and is based at both the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute and The Christie Hospital. His work looks at how imaging techniques can be used to improve treatment plans for lung cancer patients. Last year he won the Cancer Research UK Advanced Clinician Scientist Fellowship award which supports clinicians working in areas spanning basic and translational research.

Dr O’Connor said: “It was an incredibly thoughtful thing for the pupils to do to help me and my colleagues after the fire. I’d like to thank everyone from St Vincent’s for their fundraising.”

Friday 17th March 2017

The pupils at St. Vincent’s Catholic Primary School have been learning about the Fairtrade Foundation and the difference they make to farmers across the world. Throughout the last fortnight, junior pupils have been visiting the classes in the infants to share their learning and explain to younger children about the importance of supporting Fairtrade suppliers. This school-wide project has culminated in “Fairtrade Friday” where all 639 pupils, plus staff, together enjoyed a Fairtrade break time of bananas and juice. This was followed by an afternoon tea party where members of the local churches visited school to listen to the choirs and hear about the Fairtrade appeal. We liaised with the local Co-Operative store. They were kind enough to provide us with a range of tasty Fairtrade produce which was sampled and enjoyed by all.

It has been inspiring to see the children embrace the Fairtrade spirit and show real empathy for farmers who often work so hard for so little. One Year 6 pupil told tea party guests, “After learning about Fairtrade over the last few weeks I feel it is so important to buy Fairtrade products. We have nice things and live in nice surroundings; the farmers who provide us with so much should also be able to enjoy life and have the opportunities that we do.”

At St Vincent’s we believe supporting Fairtrade is vitally important; we aim to buy as many supplies as possible from ethical sources.