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Bishop Davies ordains two new deacons for the Diocese of Shrewsbury


Bishop Mark Davies has ordained two new deacons for the Diocese of Shrewsbury.

Rev. John Fegan (left) and Rev. Andrew Ian Summers (right), both married men, were ordained together during a Mass on Saturday in Shrewsbury Cathedral.

Rev. Fegan will serve as a deacon in the parish of Ss Catherine and Martina in Hoylake, the Wirral, and Rev. Summers will serve as a deacon in the parish of St John Vianney in Northwich, Cheshire.

During his homily, Bishop Davies told the candidates that it was through the mystery of the Eucharist that they would understand and fulfil their vocations as deacons.

“At the forefront of the church you will lead all the faithful in worship as you fall down to your knees in adoration of the mystery of the Eucharist,” the Bishop said.

“It is at the altar you learn this intimacy with the Eucharist Lord and what it means to serve those to whom you are sent in the service of charity – the poor, the sick and the young.

“Before the mystery of the Eucharist you will learn the full measure of your service from the One who continually gives Himself to us and for us … you will learn that spirit of obedience pledged on this day which will enable you to be truly free to serve.”

He said: “In a new intimacy with the Eucharist you will learn how you will announce the Gospel because the whole Gospel is found in this mystery of faith.”

Bishop Davies added: “Yes, John and Andrew, before the miracle of love which is the Holy Eucharist, you will learn to be a deacon, you will truly live as a deacon and you will persevere in the grace and promises of this day of your diaconal ordination.”



(Photos by Simon Caldwell)