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Bishop Davies thanks Diocese for supporting Our Mission Together


The Bishop of Shrewsbury has thanked the many volunteers, benefactors and clergy who have helped to make the first three years of Our Mission Together a resounding success.

At a reception in St Werburgh’s Parish Centre, Chester, Bishop Mark Davies described the fund-raising initiative as an “historic achievement” for the Diocese of Shrewsbury.

Millions of pounds have been generated to build up parishes, support new vocations to the priesthood and to care for the unprecedented number of priests entering their retirement years.

Resources have also been made available to develop mission and social outreach through the launch of Caritas Diocese of Shrewsbury and the Diocesan Youth Mission Team.

Bishop Davies said: “People were waiting to give, waiting to be asked, waiting to be involved.”

The Bishop said: “I want to say how personally moved I have been as your bishop to see the generous response to the mission and future of the Diocese in times which could have been marked simply by gloom and decline.

“I have seen this commitment in the personal and parish meetings I have been part of … and I have seen it in the volunteers who have come forward to work with such energy in the parishes.”

Mary Kilcoyne (left), the chief executive of Caritas, also thanked all the people who had supported the initiative because it had allowed her agency to grow, develop and flourish.

“In our journey we have met many well-wishers, benefactors and supporters who are deeply interested in what we are doing,” she said. “Our Mission Together has taught us that in the parishes we have wonderful people with fabulous skills who want to share them with somebody else. Our mission really is providing opportunities for that.”

She said the support for the initiative had provided Caritas with “a social worker, a family support worker, a personal assistant to the senior management team, support for a refugee project and now an opportunity to started developing services for men as well”.

More than a hundred volunteers were assisting Caritas, she said, adding that she hoped even more would come forward in the years ahead.

“We will be employing a community services manager and a refugee support worker,” she said. “It is just about helping people to move, to growing this social action which is motivated by our faith.”

Catherine Smith (pictured right), the director of the Youth Mission Team, also thanked the people of the Diocese for their support.

She said: “I think there is a desperate hunger and fire in this Diocese to bring young people into the love of Christ and that is really what our Team is about.

“It’s about encouraging that flame of faith and we want to do that in whatever way possible.”

Last month, Bishop Davies issued a pastoral letter in thanksgiving for the Our Mission Together initiative which can be read by following this link.


(Photos by Simon Caldwell)