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Catholic Church at forefront of fight against human trafficking in the UK, reveals charity boss

The director of an anti-slavery charity has praised the Catholic Church for its work on the frontline against human trafficking.

Luke de Pulford of the Arise Foundation said that the work of religious Sisters in particular was “exemplary”.

“About 90 per cent of the work we support is by Sisters around the world,” Mr de Pulford told a meeting of the Conference of Religious of England and Wales held at the Catholic Chaplaincy of Manchester University.

“We are not a faith-based charity,” he said. “We don’t support Sisters because they are Sisters or because they are Catholic, we support them because their work, we believe, is exemplary – it is good work.”

Arise, which is based in New York and London, last year carried out an in-depth study into the anti-trafficking work being done by Catholic religious congregations in England and Wales.

The findings were published in the charity’s Threads of Solidarity report, which revealed that there are at least 172 religious, mostly Sisters, who work against human trafficking in rescue, prevention and advocacy.

It also found that a total of 16 religious congregations have provided 29 properties worth nearly £16.4 million to help trafficking victims and donated more than £10 million of their resources within the last five years.

Mr de Pulford told the meeting in Manchester that if the work of the various Catholic religious congregations was seen as a whole then they would represent the largest non-governmental organisation involved in the fight against human trafficking and modern slavery in  the UK.


(Photo of Luke de Pulford by Simon Caldwell)