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Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2494


Shrewsbury Catholic Voice

The Shrewsbury Catholic Voice was formerly the newspaper of the Diocese of Shrewsbury until it was re-launched as a quarterly magazine in March 2011.

About 10,000 copies are produced four times a year to mark the seasons of Lent and Easter, Advent and Christmas, and autumn and summer.

It is produced in a colourful, glossy, pocket-sized format and usually contains about a dozen magazine-style articles of theological, liturgical, cultural, historical and architectural interest as well as features about religious and social life in the diocese.

Simon Caldwell, the Diocesan Communications Officer, was appointed editor in September 2011, saying in his first editorial that he intended to “bring to the Catholic people of the Diocese of Shrewsbury a publication of the highest quality”.

The Rt Rev. Mark Davies, the Bishop of Shrewsbury, has said that he hopes the Shrewsbury Catholic Voice will provide “the encouragement of the Catholic faith as it is being taught and lived in the Shrewsbury diocese today”.

Articles generally run to about 800 words in length and are usually by commission only, although ideas for features are welcome.

The Shrewsbury Catholic Voice costs £1.00 and it is sold through the churches of the diocese.



Simon Caldwell


Shrewsbury Catholic Voice

2 Park Road South

Prenton CH43 4UX


The Voice is also available by subscription. Please contact:

The magazine is published by Gemini Print Limited, which also handles the advertising, accounts and distribution of the Shrewsbury Catholic Voice on behalf of the Diocese of Shrewsbury.

To advertise in the Shrewsbury Catholic Voice please contact Gemini Print Limited on 01942 712480.