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Let’s re-propose marriage as a path to holiness, Bishop of Shrewsbury tells spouses


The Bishop of Shrewsbury has asked married couples to re-propose the vocation of marriage to young people as a path to holiness and happiness.

Marriage was the institution upon which “the stability of family and society are securely founded”, said the Rt Rev. Mark Davies in a homily during Mass in St Columba’s Church, Chester, on Saturday.

The Sacrament of Marriage was also a path to holiness, the Bishop said, through which, with the help of frequenting the Sacraments of Holy Communion and Confession, married Catholics are able to grow in virtue, the perfection of love and in sanctity as they accompanied each other and their children to the “complete and everlasting happiness” of Heaven.

But young people increasingly believe they are not able to aspire to the vocation to marriage, Bishop Davies said during the annual diocesan Mass in celebration of marriage.

The neglect of the Sacrament represented “undoubtedly the greatest vocational crisis we have in the Diocese”, he said.

The Bishop told the congregation, made up of couples who this year celebrate landmark wedding anniversaries and their families, that younger generations now needed their witness to aspire to married life.

Bishop Davies has designated 2019 as a “Year of Holiness” for the Diocese of Shrewsbury.

Bishop Davies said: “I want us to re-propose to the young the greatness of the marriage vocation as a road to holiness and happiness for themselves and their children. I want us to offer formation in this Christian vision. Yet new resources and initiatives alone cannot reach the generations who, amid the confusion of contemporary society, truly long for a love which endures. This is undoubtedly the greatest vocational crisis we face in the Diocese, that fewer couples believe they can aspire to the life and vocation which you have lived.  They need your witness today.

“We need to re-propose marriage as a path to holiness for new generations, to give witness to the Sacrament of Marriage where grace is found to perfect human love.”


(Photos by Simon Caldwell)