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Mini Vinnies reach more than 600 members in Diocese of Shrewsbury

Adrian Abel with Mini Vinnies during a school visit


The Mini Vinnies, an innovative programme from the St Vincent de Paul Society, has hit the 600 member mark in Shrewsbury, bringing it to an all time high.

The initiative is aimed at children between the ages of seven and 11 who, with the permission of their parents and the support of their schools or parishes, are encouraged to embark on their first steps as “Vincentians for Life”.  Since introducing the Mini Vinnies into the Shrewsbury Diocese in 2010, children in almost 40 schools have joined the Vincentian family.

SVP National President Adrian Abel met with Mini Vinnies at St Aidan’s Catholic Primary School in Wythenshawe and at St Christopher’s Catholic Primary School in Stockport.

“They knew all about the SVP and its works and showed a great of interest in the Society,” said Mr Abel.

“As a means of getting the youngsters to think about their spirituality, Mini Vinnies are encouraged to meet, share ideas and concerns, to have fun and to do good works within their community.  I am delighted that they are part of the SVP family in England and Wales.”

Mrs Margaret McGee, headteacher of St Aidan’s, Wythenshawe, was delighted to emphasise the success of the Mini Vinnies programme.

She said:  “Catholic Social Teaching is at the very heart of our school.  The Mini Vinnies have taken over a real leadership role in both spirituality and charitable works.   They even lead prayers in our school.”

The SVP photograph shows Mr Abel with Mini Vinnies during his visit.