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Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2494

Our Mission Together

Campaign Advisory Committee

Campaign Advisory Committee

A Campaign Advisory Committee (CAC) made up of clergy and laity drawn from across the Diocese has been established to provide oversight for this initiative. The Committee will ensure that all funds are ring-fenced and used to support the priorities of Our Mission Together. The CAC meets once a month.



Front: Mrs. Carol Lawrence, Financial Secretary Diocese of Shrewsbury, Mrs. Cath Duffy, Schools’ Chaplain and Ms. Mary Kilcoyne, Director Caritas Diocese of Shrewsbury

Back: Canon Jonathan Mitchell, Dean Shrewsbury Cathedral, Canon Michael Gannon, Vicar General, Deacon Tony Ford, St. Mary’s, Middlewich, Sir Peter Fahy, former Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police and Father Pat Munroe, Our Lady’s and the Apostles, Stockport
Notable Absentees: Bishop Mark Davies, Father Niall Mullaley and Mr. Tom McMullan 


As the campaign progresses and involves more parishes, parishioners will be kept regularly informed on the impact of their support. This will be done via newsletters at Mass, articles on the website, and personal updates from their own parishes.