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Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2494

Our Mission Together

Our Vision


Our Mission Together focuses on three key priorities:

  • Strengthening and advancing our parishes by responding to local needs
  • Supporting a new generation of priests in their discernment and training and providing for our faithful priests through their years of service and for those moving into retirement
  • Developing our mission and social outreach

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Our Mission Together is a collective effort. The initiative:

  • Invites every parishioner to learn about the key priorities for the Diocese and the local
    parish,  and consider their support
  • Shares information in as personal a manner as possible, involving clergy and lay
  • Gives parishioners the time and space needed to make a private, personal and
    informed decision
  • Is entirely voluntary


When Our Mission Together is being conducted in your parish, there are several ways you can help to make it a success:

  • If you are called upon to be an Our Mission Together volunteer, please do so with enthusiasm
  • When asked to learn more, listen with an open mind and heart
  • In being invited to consider making a gift or pledge, please give careful thought to your decision
  • Pray for the success of our endeavour