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Statement on Final Report of Review of Events at St Ambrose College


Diocese reaffirms total commitment to safeguarding in wake of Alan Morris report


March 9th 2018

A spokesman for the Diocese of Shrewsbury said: “The Diocese welcomes the ‘Final Report of the Independent Review of Events at St Ambrose School’, which was published today by the Christian Brothers.

“The foremost concern of the Diocese has been always for the innocent victims of the abuse carried out by Alan Morris. The offences against minors committed by him while teaching at St Ambrose College remain a source of great sadness and regret.

“The Diocese would therefore like to again assure the victims of our prayers and to once more express the total commitment of the Diocese to ensuring the safety of all children and vulnerable people in its parishes, schools and institutions.

“We nevertheless welcome the fact that this report exonerates the Diocese of Shrewsbury of any wrongdoing. This report demonstrates that the Diocese has not been negligent. The diocesan safeguarding office reported the allegations against Morris to the police as soon as it was alerted to them in the autumn of 2012.

“Acting fully in accordance with nationally-agreed and stringent safeguarding guidelines of the Catholic Church, Morris was also immediately withdrawn from active ministry as a deacon. None of the offences was committed within the context of that ministry.”


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