Tutors: Fr Nick Kern and Maire Gelling

Sessions 10 November and 24 November 2018

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Please bring a bible with you to each session – for details please see the Bibliography below.

Aim: The purpose of this module is to develop participants’ understanding and appreciation of Sacrament in the life of Catholics as a sign of Christ’s continuing presence with the Church.


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Saturday 10 November, 2018

 Sacraments Session I

⊕ Sacraments Session I – 2 per page

⊕ Sacraments Session I – 3 per page

Original Sin Handout

⊕ Summary of Day 1

Saturday 24 November, 2018

Sacraments Session II

Sacraments Session II – 2 per page

Sacraments Session II – 3 per page


Additional Resources

Cosmic Eye


Sketchy Catholicism – Sacraments 



What relevance do the seven sacraments have to the universal call to holiness and to vocation?

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