Safeguarding Commission

The Safeguarding Commission is responsible for helping to make sure children and vulnerable adults remain safe within our Catholic community. The commission members are appointed by the Bishop and act as an independent advisory body to him. Membership of a diocesan safeguarding commission is drawn from lay professionals with experience and expertise from within the fields of social work, probation, police, and enhanced by other relevant disciplines including health, child paediatrics, education and legal advisors. Tasks of the safeguarding commission can include the following:

• To inquire into any allegation or concern for inappropriate behaviour or actual abuse of children or vulnerable adults by any person working for the Diocese either paid or voluntary, and to liaise with the statutory authorities in respect of these

• To advise the Bishop on child and vulnerable adult safeguarding issues affecting the Diocese

• To ensure that clergy and volunteers are made aware of the agreed Diocesan and national procedures, and ensure compliance in the implementation with parish groups and organisations

• To co-ordinate appropriate pastoral care and support for victims and those against whom allegations have been made.

• To carry out risk assessment of offenders following police investigation that concludes in no further action being taken and make appropriate recommendations to the Bishop


• To appropriately brief the Bishop and Trustees at Trustee meetings

• To present an Annual Safeguarding Report to the Bishop and Trustees and to the Catholic Safeguarding Advisory Service.


(Photo: St Gabriel News and Media)

Commission Members:

(Chair) Patricia Stewart – Education

Helen Stuart – Health

Peter McNiffe – Probation

Denise Malcolm – Police

Fr Nick Kern – Clergy Advisor

Fr Thomas Cunnah – Canon Law

Deacon Philip White – Canon Law

Harvey Hudson – Children’s Social Care

To be appointed – Adult Social Care

To be appointed – Religious Representative


In attendance:

Andrew O’Brien (Safeguarding Coordinator)

Canon Philip Moor (Vicar General)

Carol Lawrence (Financial Secretary)