Consecrated Life

Consecrated Life


A Particular Dedication to Our Lord

Christ asks all of us to live in chastity, with a degree of poverty and in faithful obedience to him. In the consecrated life, he calls some of the faithful to follow him more nearly, by making some kind of formal commitment to live in closer conformity to him, so as to be a sign to others of the world to come.

Different religious families have come into existence in which spiritual resources are multiplied for the progress in holiness of their members and for the good of the entire Body of Christ: religious life, hermits, consecrated virgins and widows, secular institutes, and Societies of Apostolic Life together with some other new forms of consecrated life. Consecrated life in the Church is a type of life of particular dedication to Our Lord. Consecrated people are to pursue the ‘perfection of charity’.

Their witness is “like a widely-spreading tree that has grown up in the field of the Lord, branching out into various forms of the religious life lived in solitude or in community” (Catechism of the Catholic Church 917).

(Photo courtesy of Birkenhead Carmel – For more information about the Carmelite Monastery of the Annunciation, Birkenhead, please follow this link)