Permanent Diaconate

Vocation to the Permanent Diaconate

A Specific Grace

The permanent deacon, who may be single or married, dedicates his life to serving others.

His ministry of service focuses on three areas: assisting at the altar in the celebration of the sacraments; preaching the Word of God and leading people in prayer; and reaching out in loving service to the practical and spiritual needs of others, especially of the poor and those outside the normal confines of the Church.

Traditionally the permanent deacon works closely with his diocesan bishop. Most permanent deacons, in practice, serve the greater part of their time within their home parish.

But there are many who work as chaplains in schools, prisons, hospitals, etc. Others are in full-time employment where their work is itself ‘diaconal’: teachers, social workers, nurses, doctors, etc.

Their ordination brings a specific grace that allows their life of service to be consecrated in a special way.


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