What do I do Next?

Becoming Who God Wants Me to Be



What is God intending for me?

Each vocation is a call to follow Christ. The lifestyle and demands of each particular vocation are very different, but there are some common threads. Each vocation is a commitment to love in a certain way, and to draw closer to others – whether that closeness is through marriage or service or prayer. Each vocation challenges us to live our faith more deeply and to follow Christ more closely. Each vocation, if it is lived generously, will involve times of deep happiness and joy. Each vocation, if it is lived faithfully, will almost inevitably involve moments of great suffering and sacrifice.

We should not think that one vocation is easier than another. Genuine love always costs a great deal, and brings great rewards. In one sense, to make a commitment to lifelong celibacy as a priest or consecrated person seems like a more radical choice, because it pulls us away from the natural joys of family life. But to live an authentic Christian marriage today, and to uphold Christian values in family life, requires enormous courage and commitment – it ‘costs’ as much, if not more, than celibacy. It is not wise to compare the value of different vocations, but to appreciate the value of each one, and to discover which one is right for you.

The important thing is to set out for yourself and see.

(Photo: mazur/catholicchurch.org.uk)