In the Workplace

Christianity in the workplace

Since each of us is unique and unrepeatable, endowed with our own set of talents, God calls each of us to serve him in a unique way. Not everyone is called to preach to crowds of thousands, or to give their lives in martyrdom, for example, yet each baptised person is called to bear witness to the Gospel.

St Ignatius of Loyola believed that God had a unique purpose for every person; a role only that person could fulfil. But first it was important for the person to rid him or herself of worldly attachments, so that he or she could discern God’s purpose for them in his plan for humankind.

The workplace gives Christians the opportunity to spread the Church’s social doctrine through the service of justice and the common good, the cultivation of the virtues, a life of active charity, and a commitment to ordering all material goods and human activities to the glory of God and the common good. The vocation of many people is to be truly Christian in their working lives.

(‘A Spirituality of Work’/Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales)