In the Workplace

Sanctification of work

Work is an essential part of our humanity. We are called to work as part of our human identity. Work has a significance and value in our lives through its acts of creativity, sense of community and opportunity to provide for ourselves, our families and society.

The call to work is universal and as part of God’s plan it not only transforms creation but helps people to fully realise their dignity and to increase it. Through the application of the teachings of Jesus Christ in the workplace and the offering of human labour to the glory of God and the good of all people our work can be sanctified and made holy.

Work can sanctify people by providing a means to serve God and to serve others, and in so doing to cultivate the virtues, to increase their dignity and to strive for social justice and the common good. This is achieved by preparing ourselves through prayer, by reading the scriptures and by receiving the sacraments. It is achieved ultimately through service and bearing witness to Jesus Christ.

(‘A Spirituality of Work’/Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales)