How Can I Grow in Faith?

Getting to Know the Saints

Can we be saints?

The title ‘saint’ is given to a person who has been formally canonised by the Church, a declaration that the person is in heaven, one who we can ask to pray for us and to try to imitate in our own lives. They are part of the great ‘communion of saints’, the countless people who are in heaven, not formally recognised by the Church. The Church doesn’t declare everyone a saint but recognises a saint through the canonisation process as an individual of exceptional holiness. Saints are often described as friends of God and ordinary people who lived extraordinary lives.

One of the great consolations of the Christian life lies in the knowledge that we are not alone as we try to follow the way of the Lord Jesus. We have the saints who have left us their example of living the message of the Gospel. At the heart of the lives of saints is a desire to grow in holiness, something which all Christians are called to in responding to the message of the Gospel.

Here is a light-hearted look at what it takes to become a saint:

As the saints are ordinary people who have journeyed the path of life, it is particularly helpful to get to know them in a personal way be reading their lives and writings and offering prayers to God through their powerful intercession. It is often interesting that when we read about the day to day experiences of the saints we can quickly connect to them from the experience of our own lives. They give us the encouragement and inspiration to keep going on our spiritual journey, helping to strengthen us, especially during difficult times. They also give us a glimpse of what God is like since it is God who ultimately forms saints as they try to follow his call and respond to him in all things.