How Can I Grow in Faith?

The Power of Prayer


Begin with Prayer

When did you last truly pray? If it was a time when you really needed God’s help, no doubt you were truly praying. But there’s much more to prayer than that. Our relationship with those who we love would be hollow if we only spoke to them when we needed something. In the same way our relationship with God would be empty if we only spoke to him when we were really desperate.

God calls us to much more than that. Prayer is most powerful when we discover that it is about a living relationship with God who is always calling us to himself. This can be the beginning of real and powerful prayer, for prayer is nothing more, nothing less than becoming friends with God. He wants us to share our entire life with him, and if we let him, he wants to share his life with us too.

If we want someone in our lives who is completely dependable, trustworthy, loving, and compassionate, then God offers us himself. He will always listen to us when we pray. He will never leave us. That is why prayer is so powerful – it’s not about getting what we want from God when we want it, but living in a constant relationship with him, trusting all things to him. That is the true reality and the power of prayer.

The entire life of Jesus was a prayer, yet those who followed him, his closest friends asked him to teach them to pray. Jesus taught them to pray the ‘Our Father’. Perhaps if you feel you don’t know how to pray, you might follow those first disciples and ask Jesus to show you how. Jesus as God and Man is our true model of prayer – he prays in us and with us always. Like any relationship prayer takes time, effort and patience, but any relationship built on love is worth it.