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Blessed John Henry Newman, 1852

Catholic Associations

Friends of the Holy Land

The Friends of the Holy Land (Registered Charity Number: 1130054) was established as a National Charity in 2009 and operates with the full backing and blessing of Catholic and Anglican Bishops in England and Wales.

The Charity aids the Christians in the Holy Land as it seeks to raise awareness of the challenges they experience, encourages prayers to be offered for their intentions, generates and channels financial resources to provide for a sustainable future and encourages pilgrim visits to the Holy Land including meeting with the local communities.

Support in the Holy Land includes organising repairs to deteriorating homes; financing the development and operation of a Day Care Centre for the elderly in Bethlehem; providing ‘seed corn’ funding for new businesses to bring employment in particular  to the youth; offering help with medical bills and school fees, providing regular support to those families in most desperate need. The FHL is organised through Groups within Parishes in Anglican and Catholic Dioceses in England and Wales. A National Management Committee meets regularly and reports to the Trustees. It ensures there is accountability for all funds raised and distributed in the Holy Land by the FHL and its Holy Land partners.

Diocesan Facilitator and Co-ordinator of FHL Projects:  Patrick Revans

Patrons: The Archbishops of Westminster, Birmingham and the Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury.

National Chairman: Jim Quinn

National Vice-Chairman: Peter Rand

Diocesan Facilitator: Pat Revans

Contact Details:  17 Hillam Road, Wallasey CH45 8LD. Tel: 0151 638 5380


Assistant Facilitators: Morris, Peter Fogg

Contact: Friends of the Holy Land, Farmer Ward Road, Kenilworth, CV8 2DH

Tel: 01926 512980