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Blessed John Henry Newman, 1852

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Warrington St Joseph’s


The work of St Joseph’s Family Centre is centred on the recognition that support for the family in times of stress is a major need, which can be best met by skilled and dedicated staff. All services provided by the Centre are related to family-based needs and reflect the diverse relationship difficulties experienced by adults and children, many of whom struggle desperately to cope with the day to day pressures in their lives. Our services include:

Family Contact Centre – For children to meet with their non-resident parent. The Contact  Centre offers a child-centred environment where impartiality and confidentiality are guaranteed. St Joseph’s Family Centre is a nationally registered Contact Centre and holds enhanced accreditation.

Anger Management Programmes – are provided for adults and for young people.

Positive Parenting Courses – Handling children’s behaviour, ideas to assist parents in building confidence and self-esteem, techniques to help in individual situations, and setting achievable goals for the family.

Counselling – A large range of counselling services for adults, children and for family groups. We also supply relationship counselling for those experiencing difficulties in their partnerships.

Children’s Programmes – Supporting children who have lost a parent or other significant person from their lives through death, divorce, separation or abandonment.

Adults’ Programmes – A peer support group for those who are widowed, divorced or separated. Participants are helped to come to terms with the difficult feelings surrounding pain, loss and grief.

Family Mediation – For parents who are considering separation or divorce, to help them reach agreement for the wellbeing of their children.

Welfare Service – For those in immediate distress and in need of emergency assistance. Supporting people as they endeavour to get back on their feet.

Chairman:     Richard Broadbent

Centre Manager: David Ashton

Address:  9 Museum St, Warrington WA1 1JA

Tel: (01925) 635448

Fax: (01925) 657643