Hanged for buying supper for a priest

Kevin Byrne, Nine Martyrs of the Shrewsbury Diocese

Saints and Martyrs

Blessed Richard Martin

Beatified 1929

Feast 30th August

Born in Shropshire, Blessed Richard attended Broadgates Hall, Oxford, and was reconciled to the Catholic faith. A layman, he was captured in the company of Robert Morton, a priest who would be martyred at Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London, on 26th August 1588, and was accused of being a Catholic.

Blessed Richard could have saved his life if he had agreed to attend Protestant services but he refused when the offer was made to him.

Instead he was charged with felony as a “receiver and maintainer of priests” because he had bought supper for Morton. He was hanged at Tyburn, London, on 30th August 1588 along with St Margaret Ward and her companions. There is a panel depicting Blessed Richard in St Joseph’s Church, Sale.

Source: Nine Martyrs of the Shrewsbury Diocese by Kevin Byrne