Sacraments 2019 (Thursday)


Tutor: Fr David Roberts

Sessions: 19th September and 3rd October & 17th October 2019

Please bring a bible, a packed lunch and any handouts that may be required (see presentation section) with you to each session. For more information on the session refer to ‘Session Details’ at the bottom of the page.



Aim: The purpose of this module is to develop participants’ understanding and appreciation of Sacrament in the life of Catholics as a sign of Christ’s continuing presence with the Church.





Session 1: Thursday 19th September

PowerPoints and handouts to be confirmed


Session 2: Thursday 3rd October

PowerPoints and handouts to be confirmed


Session 3: 17th October

PowerPoints and handouts to be confirmed





Essay question to be confirmed…


Deadline for submission 25th November 2019

Please submit your essay to Anthony Timothy on together with a cover sheet as one document if possible.

Please save your file as SurnameFirstname_SAC2019 (SmithJohn_SAC2019). You may find the sample mark sheet helpful.

Please do follow the guidelines carefully.

CCRS Requirements for Essays

CCRS Assignment Information

Cover Sheet for Assignments Form in Word

Cover Sheet for Assignments in pdf

CCRS Essay Layout

CCRS Mark Sheet – sample